Just a musing…

So obviously it's currently a little difficult to find inspiration when we're limited with what we can do. As much as outdoor activities may have been allowed to start reopening, I find that nothing has really changed for me which leaves me sat in a half decorated home to stare at the same walls for... Continue Reading →

Creativity block…

I know, I know. No posts have gone up yet. I definitely tried to restart this writing thing up way too soon! Lockdown has only just semi-lifted here in the UK so all I've been doing is shuttling stuff to my new house. I'm currently working on finalising all the decorating and furnishing so there... Continue Reading →

After only 2 posts!

Wow! I knew I’d never keep up with writing anything, I just thought I’d make it past 2 posts. Overall, it just ended up being really bad timing to start! I actually finally got the keys to my new house last Monday (after 7 months of waiting!) so it’s been a whirlwind of cleaning and... Continue Reading →

Some more about me

My first new post was kind of an impulsive one - I really have had a lot to get off of my chest from the last year and I forgot how good it felt to write. Something I mentioned in there, though, was that I have no official direction for this blog. I suppose that's... Continue Reading →

It’s been a while…

Wow... What a crappy year it's been all round. Ever since the fires started in January 2020, it's all been completely downhill. I'd be lying if I said there'd been no positives - a lovely break from work, free time to decorate my new home to my liking, and some big lessons to be learned... Continue Reading →

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