Best place on Earth?

Quick warning: this post is incredibly cliché because I am convinced that the Best Place On Earth is, in fact, DisneyWorld, Florida. I've visited DisneyWorld about 8 times since I was young and I almost see it as my second home. I'm aware of how spoiled that makes me sound and how ridiculous it is... Continue Reading →

Young Women’s Trust Charity

In late 2017, I was looking for jobs since I'd left college and had to have something to do to fill my time. In December of 2017, I got a couple of interviews scheduled and spent a bit of time seriously worrying about what I could say and how they'd instantly reject me for my... Continue Reading →

A very special cat

So I'm gonna kick my main posts off with a story about a very special cat called Magic Philip. I think that anybody who knows me will have heard me talk about him because he is incredibly important to me even though - spoiler alert - he went missing 8 months ago. I've always been... Continue Reading →

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